YouTube educational Video

Project: NAS Academy

Nasacademy Youtube Educational Video

Natural Alternative Solutions is an online education academy based in Sweden.

What was the issue?

Client was using his limited sources to create his product educational video, using his mobile with no mic or proper lights.

What did we engage with?

We engage in more professional outlook of the video using the same quality which client gave us.

What did we do?

We took the project, and worked on quality of clients video background, color grading, visual effects, audio production and editing.

What was the impact?

Impact was way better than the client initially thought, from no likes and subscribers to official visibility

What barriers and challenges, we identified for the subject to grow

We give free consultations to clients as to what he can do make their video even better.

Our goal is to create digital reality of client vision

Here are some before and after video pictures

Also the whole consultation and working process was done through online meetings, saving time in Pandemic.


From The Client

Thank you Ilma Webbstudio to convert my educational content into virtual learning videos. Ilma webbstudio really connect emotionally with the projects and work on all angles, as if they are part of my project. When they work with you they become one of you to really understand the outcome you want. I highly recommend.
Ashar Khan
Teacher at NAS Academy

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