Event Marketing & Coverage

Event Marketing & Coverage

We are a Digital Media Agency that provides event coverage and marketing services. Our team of creative professionals can come up with innovative marketing ideas that cover pre and post-marketing plans. Our team of expert digital content creators, analysts, marketers, and designers run a pre-event campaign to gather community on a single platform on your event where we will market your products or services. Similarly, our expert team will attend the event to capture industry insights, key moments, and catch all the happenings in order to run the post-event campaign to market your product or services for an unvisited audience. We have extensive experience in event marketing, our portfolio is full of our successful events.

No digital media agency covers events as Ilma Webbstudio does, Regardless of whether it will be a festival, fundraiser, corporate meeting, wedding or any other event, we offer fully comprehensive pre & post-event marketing services.


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Our service will enhance your brand credibility into the market, it will

  • Help To Gather A Fine Audience
  • Pre-Discussion On Social Media About Your Event
  • Enhance Your Business
  • Drive Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms
  • Expand The Reach Of Your Event
  • Generate Leads And Sales Opportunities
  • Spread The Word Before And Even After The Event.